One of my very favouritest (is that a word? Should be…) online sources of top art stash is Cult Pens, they do a newsletter called Penorama.

(Artists can submit a header design for the newsletter and get a blog feature too if their design is chosen, just email them for further details.)

“Before there was Cult Pens, there was a little stationery shop. It was in Dartmouth, so tourists wandered in quite often. Many were amazed to find the G-Tec-C4 – a favourite pen they couldn’t often find. So the owners of the little stationery shop decided to make some of these favourite pens available online, so everyone could find them. And so Cult Pens was born.”

They stock “over 11,750 products from around 70 different brands.” and in 2013 they have “given away a huge value of prizes, including two fountain pens worth over £500 each. Our customers have worked with us to donate over 21,000 pens to Pens for Kids, and donated a limited edition Pilot Capless fountain pen to raise money for the Philippine Red Cross following Typhoon Haiyan.”

Plus their customer service is fab and every time you order you get a little free gift AND they dispatch your order almost before you’ve finished making it. (This isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I’m just a bit addicted to pens and they feed my habit.)

Anyway this month’s newsletter had a cute little creative prompt that I thought I’d share.

“Do you drink tea?  Next time you make a cup, you can prepare for a tea sketch.  Drop your used tea bag on a handy bit of card, like an index card, or a bit of packaging.  Let the tea stain the card for a while, then dispose of the bag.  When the resulting random tea stain is dry, doodle over the top of it, turning it into whatever the tea suggests.”

Penorama from Cult Pens

Penorama tea sketch from Cult Pens

This reminds me of Carla Sonheim‘s approach and her crack of the month club.

…and yes, they ship world wide.

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