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avatar jan 2011

Arty fibro geek. Artist, designer, teacher and geek who also happens to have fibromyalgia. Most of my artwork is created on an iPhone or iPad. I LOVE bright colours, rich textures and get easily lost in fantasy worlds. I’m also rather addicted to sharing knowledge and learning new things, so be sure to say hello if you stop by my blog.

ElaineI love art, crafts, books, music and my husband (not necessarily in that order!). I have fibromyalgia so my creative time can be severely limited, but I do what I can, when I can. I’m just starting to make jewellery and am doing mostly earrings with unusual charms and beads. As for my art, I would say that I do a lot of acrylic/watercolour stuff and I really like landscapes, seascapes and sunsets and abstract/stylised flowers. I like to leave canvases un-framed so that they can be touched and am still a bit shy about other people seeing my work. I’m chubachups on twitter, so please stop by and talk to me about anything you like 🙂 Visit my Etsy shop by clicking here.

bLUHi my name is Pam but everyone on the Internet knows me as Blu. Lover of the colour blue, I love to paint and I am interested in most things art, I enjoy being out and about with my camera, I live in France and try to learn all about all things French. I love learning about words and their origins. I try to be creative everyday, I sketch, draw & paint, and get out and about with my camera. I endeavour to be a realistic optimist, having survived various problems in my life including colorectal cancer. If you wake up in the morning I think it is a good start! I am a fan of Flickr, Twitter, I am a lazy Blogger, and I use Pinterest to find out about my recent passions. Dogs make me smile.

View my world here.

My sketchbook blog 

PavineeI’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Most of my works are in book design field but I aim to work more on stationery design and illustration. I have just reopened my etsy shop selling cute illustrated paper goods, which you can follow my records of work in progress on my blog (I try to update regularly now). I have passion for 2 things : drawing and reading. I collect picture books and inspiring art books and magazines and hope I can contribute in this area 🙂 You can find me on twitter and Facebook page under the name of onMerryDay 🙂
nini nininaHello, my name is Nina but since my creative alter ego wants to be called nini, this is the name I go by on the internet. I am an architect by profession but I prefer making things with my own hands. I love creating objects that can brighten someone’s day – be it a tiny little animal pin or a bigger ceramic piece. I am drawn to trying out and learning new things and I always leave a piece of myself in all of my works. I also like to share my knowledge and I try to keep my blog up to date – madebynini.blogspot.com.
sandy palencar

I am an enthusiastic visual artist who is interested in using multiple types of media such as photography, printmaking, painting, collage, drawing, pottery, fabric arts, etc. to express feelings and creativity. I  grew up in the Niagara area, but have lived in Guelph, Dawson City YT, Inuvik NWT, Costa Rica, Baffin Island/Nunavut, and Coastal British Columbia before returning to St. Catharines, which I am happy to call home, with my family + pets.  Now I am still continuing to experiment and play with arts and crafts!  :)Although I am not an avid blogger, and I am looking forward to helping out and contributing however I can….. Find out more about Sandy’s work by visiting her website.

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