Come draw with meThere’s a national initiative aimed at encouraging us all to draw more, it’s called The Big Draw. Apart from the annual festival in October, there’s also a year long program called ‘Come draw with me‘. In their words;

October comes just once a year, so we have introduced a year-round drawing programme for adults who prefer to exercise their creativity at home. You will find ideas and encouragement in our CDWM! Beginners Guide to help you turn your kitchen or lounge into a genuine ‘drawing room’ for groups of friends or family.


Alas I’m not well enough to organise this in the real world so I asked some online friends if they fancied having a virtual version each month. The plan is that I will provide a prompt of some kind at the start of each month and anyone who wants to join in has the whole of that month to complete the activity, take a photo of it and share it on our group pinboard on Pinterest. During the month it would also be rather wonderful and kind if folks could pop along to the board and leave some positive comments/feedback on the images pinned.

If you want to be involved, leave a link in the comments to your pinterest name and I’ll add you as a group contributor. You need to follow me in Pinterest to do that (I think…?)

I’m the last person in the world to expect anybody to manage to do this with consistent regularity – life’s just not like that. I also don’t want anybody to think that the drawing has to be a saleable work of art. The intention is for this to be a relaxed and fun activity that you do in your sketchbook. A way to try to get into the drawing habit.

So here’s a rundown of how the CDWM online monthly drawing fun will go;

  1. 1st of the month check here , the Nourish Creativity Facebook group, or the pinboard for that month’s prompt.
  2. During the month use the prompt to do a drawing or drawings in your sketchbook.
  3. Photograph your drawing and upload it to the group Pinterest pinboard.
  4. Leave feedback on some of the other drawings on the board.

There’s been some discussion about having a folder for photos in the Facebook group too, my only hesitation about that is that if there are two places to ‘join in’ it will dilute the community aspect. We just need to see how it goes and learn as we go…

Now, without further ado…

September prompt

Drawing by @Calithilwen_art

Here’s this month’s prompt.

Carla Sonheim has a monthly prompt called ‘Sidewalk Cracks.’ The idea being to use a photograph that Carla has taken of cracks in the sidewalk/pavement as a basis for a piece of art. She provides a PDF for you to print and draw and colour etc on. The aim of the exercise is to look at the lines from various directions and try to find/see ‘something’ – an image, an animal (real or imaginary) within the maze of lines.

One of the activities that I often used when teaching, and that was successful with a wide variety of age groups and nationalities, and that I’ve seen variations of in numerous places online is – taking a line for a walk.

Put on some music – I always found that something classical was best, but the choice is yours. Choose something to draw with and something to draw on, (not too small.) put your pen on the paper, and create a line that wanders all over the paper whilst listening to the music. If you find yourself controlling the line rather than going with the flow, close your eyes…and keep them closed.

  • Do not take your pen off the paper until it’s filled with one wandering line that covers and crosses over itself until it fills most of the white space.

Now, just like with Carla’s photographed crack, turn your page around slowly, look at it from each of the four directions. Place it on the table and step back a little…keep looking at the line you created until you see…something.

When you’ve found a place to start either use a variety of grades of pencils to shade and add detail to the something that you’ve seen, or use coloured pens, pencils, paint…whatever art medium takes your fancy. If you prefer to take the doodle/’zentangle‘ route, take it. Fill the spaces you’ve created with patterns and designs and shapes. It’s your drawing – try to follow where your intuition guides you.

Most of all – I hope you have fun, or at least find it relaxing. Those that know me know that I use art as therapy and I find finger drawing like this on my iPad or whatever very relaxing.

I also hope that the links have whetted your creative appetite and given you some ideas of other things to try.

  • If you don’t have or want a Pinterest account but do want to get involved – leave a link to your September CDWM creation in the comments below.

May your muse be with you 🙂

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