November already…and time for another drawing prompt.

You may have noticed how quiet this blog is – I’ve had a lot going on coupled with my usual ongoing health issues. My brain is full of ideas but sadly all I’ve been able to do with them is occasionally manage to remember to make a note of them. Maybe one day I’ll be able to build this site into the resource that I’d love it to be. Until then, keep an eagle eye on the pinboards and the monthly drawing prompt.

November draw logo Drawing: Flowers

  1. First, do a google image search for flowers. Choose three different kinds of flowers and draw them. If you have three different kinds of flowers in your home or garden, feel free to draw from real life and not a photo.
  2. Choose an art movement or artist who has a distinctive style. (For example; Cubism, Picasso, Van Gogh…) and choose one of your flower drawings to draw in that style.

That’s it. Practice your observational drawing by drawing three types of flower, then remind yourself of the style of a favourite artist or art movement and copy their/that style. 

Feel free to only draw flowers, or only draw a flower in an artistic style rather than doing both parts. Also: Please try to enjoy the process rather than getting hung up on the end result. We all need to try to cultivate a more playful attitude to creativity, and life in general where possible.

Google image search examples;

 Let me know how you get on with this in the comments, I’d love to know. Also, if you dont want to share your results thats fine, if you do the either,

  • Post your drawing on your blog/Flickr etc and leave a link in the comments
  • Upload your work to our group Pinterest board. Heres the link, contact me if you want to be added. (This board is just for responses to the monthly drawing prompt.)

The eCourse site ‘Craftsy’ have a Facebook group for drawing imspiration and I spotted this recently,Craftsy facebook screenshot

How about creating an abstract piece using flower motifs? Here’s mine, drawn after lots of flower sketching.

Flower burst

I caught a bit of a program on television about how art students are trained in Japan (at least I think it was Japan, feel free to correct me.) They painstakingly copy the work of master painters until they are experts in the techniques and methods used. This way they find their way to their own artistic voice.


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