Nini has set this month’s creative prompt, which is ‘fox’. I have a vague idea about creating a celtic/pagan influenced bold design to perhaps make a printing plate from and so I’ve started collecting fox images. 

I find Pinterest the easiest way to collect images and links these days, (easier to keep a track of sources that way too, most of the time.) here’s the board so far,

Foxes pinboard

Pinboard about foxes

There’s a mix of photographs of real foxes and illustrations, but I’ve also included links to more information about the symbolism of foxes in various cultures.

Pins about foxes

Symbolism links are at the bottom of the board.

 Like Sandy said in the previous comments, I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Plus, because of the ATC swap, I know I’ll get two awesome little pieces of foxy art from Nini and Sandy. Yay!

Click either of the images or here to go to the pinboard.

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