I originally posted this to my blog, but figure it probably fits here better…

I have two activities to do that require list making/writing as part of the ecourse I’m currently doing. I remember the last time that I did a similar exercise I made a small book to write everything down in. Over the years I’ve made HUNDREDS of these things – small children love to create books. But I still wondered if I’d remember how to do it – between hands that shake and hurt and the fact that it’s probably over 7 years since I last made one. Well, my hands managed to make one and I recorded it.

I also finally finished my Wish Box. (Another ecourse activity)

A newsletter from SARK last year suggested making a ‘Joy box’ to keep happy thoughts in, that together with this recent activity set me to thinking about dream boards and goal setting and I had a surf around to see what’s out there. I created a Pinterest board and a treasury on Etsy about wish boxes.

screen shot etsy treasury

Make a wish…


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