A quick post to let you know about one of the interesting art projects on twitter at the moment.

You may be familiar with the #draw365 project that started a few years ago? There have been various other similar group/community initiatives, alas I’ve tended to miss out on them because I’m not managing to be around online as much as i used to (or would like to be) last month there was #DrawAugust this month its #PaintSeptember.
#Draw365 was a pledge to try and draw, then share online, something every day. Many folks are on their second or third year of doing this – so the hashtag still has treasures to find. Search for one of these hashtags on Twitter and you’re guaranteed to be inspired by some wonderful artwork.

I’ve started a Pinboard with a selection of some of the paintings created this month, but I know that there must be loads that I’ve missed. Just use the search option of whatever Twitter client you use. Or even just type this into Google – “twitter #PaintSeptember” An image search using that works reasonably well too.
There was a suggestion today for #PrintOctober, gosh I’d love to be well enough to attempt that one…

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