August Break 2013 – Posts without words

Sorry its a day late…here’s an idea from Susannah Conway for a month of posts without words. Or just get involved on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag – #augustbreak2013

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August break prompts

Daily prompts in case you need them


Creative challenge – a visual response to questions

Creative expression quote from Mind websiteI saw this quote on the ‘Mind’ website last week, and it reminded me how important creative therapy is and how much we can take language for granted. There’s been a trend for visual interviews in the blogosphere for a little while so I came up with my own version. I also figured it was only fair if I answered the questions too. 

(This article is worth a read if you still need convincing about the power of non verbal expression.)


1 – Who are you?


Self portrait

2 – What does your creative space look like?

iPad screenshot

3 – What’s your favourite media to work in?

ATCs and watercolours

4 – When are you most happy?

North wales loggerheads

5 – What comforts you?

6 – What are you proud of?

Broken by fibro

7 – What would you love to learn?

I am enough

8 – What’s next? 

Sketch book and clutch pencil

Now, it’s your turn. Either download the prompt sheet and email it to me, (instructions are on there.) or post your answers on your own blog, including a link to this post, and leave a link in the comments below.

Include a number 9 response – write your own question or just leave it up to the viewer to decide what the question was…

Gull in winter

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