Your name as a prompt

Today is National Name Yourself Day, (who decides this stuff?) I’m pretty much OK with Sand these days, so I went looking for an Elvish name generator type thing. I vaguely recalled this one, but Google also came up with this one. Here’s the screenshot of what it generated for me;

sand in elvish

I then spent some time sketching the pattern to get a feel for the shapes. I used the ‘Artrage’ app on my iPad for this. I used a large paintbrush tool and doodled with the shapes until I had something I quite liked. Here’s the doodle and what followed it;

Elvish name workflow

Then I opened the image in the ‘Percolator’ app – this converts an image into an abstract made up from circles. There are loads of tweak-able settings, so it’s an app with a lot of scope.

The next in the app recipe was ‘Glaze’. This is one of my favourite convert to a painting type apps. There are an almost infinite number of painting styles that you can try, or create yourself and it can save in HD quality. I went for a sketchy style to reflect the fact that it was a doodle based on something written.

I used ‘PhotoFX Ultra’ to convert the image to an infrared style blue. There are, as with the previous apps, lots and lots of filters and levels to choose from in PhotoFX and the UI is easy to navigate.

Step 5 – I used the felt tip option in ‘Auto Painter 2’ There’s no HD version of this app so the resulting image had been reduced in size. There are also only 4 effects to choose from in this app and not much customisation available either, so it is quite limited.

The last step was done using ‘Photoshop Express’. I rotated the image 90 degrees, saturated the colours and then tweaked them slightly using the slider options. This app used to be called Photoshop Mobile and there are some interesting effects in it, so don’t be put off by the name – it is easy to use. It also has one of the best tools of any photo app for removing noise from your photographs.

Here’s the final image;

mobile digital art abstract

The lovers.

Hope that this inspires you to investigate what your chosen name for the day would look like in runes or similar…and then doodle or paint or app something creative. Leave a link in the comments if you do 🙂

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