A prompt…using a tea bag.

One of my very favouritest (is that a word? Should be…) online sources of top art stash is Cult Pens, they do a newsletter called Penorama.

(Artists can submit a header design for the newsletter and get a blog feature too if their design is chosen, just email them for further details.)

“Before there was Cult Pens, there was a little stationery shop. It was in Dartmouth, so tourists wandered in quite often. Many were amazed to find the G-Tec-C4 – a favourite pen they couldn’t often find. So the owners of the little stationery shop decided to make some of these favourite pens available online, so everyone could find them. And so Cult Pens was born.”

They stock “over 11,750 products from around 70 different brands.” and in 2013 they have “given away a huge value of prizes, including two fountain pens worth over £500 each. Our customers have worked with us to donate over 21,000 pens to Pens for Kids, and donated a limited edition Pilot Capless fountain pen to raise money for the Philippine Red Cross following Typhoon Haiyan.”

Plus their customer service is fab and every time you order you get a little free gift AND they dispatch your order almost before you’ve finished making it. (This isn’t a sponsored post by the way, I’m just a bit addicted to pens and they feed my habit.)

Anyway this month’s newsletter had a cute little creative prompt that I thought I’d share.

“Do you drink tea?  Next time you make a cup, you can prepare for a tea sketch.  Drop your used tea bag on a handy bit of card, like an index card, or a bit of packaging.  Let the tea stain the card for a while, then dispose of the bag.  When the resulting random tea stain is dry, doodle over the top of it, turning it into whatever the tea suggests.”

Penorama from Cult Pens

Penorama tea sketch from Cult Pens

This reminds me of Carla Sonheim‘s approach and her crack of the month club.

…and yes, they ship world wide.

Fox: be inspired

Nini has set this month’s creative prompt, which is ‘fox’. I have a vague idea about creating a celtic/pagan influenced bold design to perhaps make a printing plate from and so I’ve started collecting fox images. 

I find Pinterest the easiest way to collect images and links these days, (easier to keep a track of sources that way too, most of the time.) here’s the board so far,

Foxes pinboard

Pinboard about foxes

There’s a mix of photographs of real foxes and illustrations, but I’ve also included links to more information about the symbolism of foxes in various cultures.

Pins about foxes

Symbolism links are at the bottom of the board.

 Like Sandy said in the previous comments, I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Plus, because of the ATC swap, I know I’ll get two awesome little pieces of foxy art from Nini and Sandy. Yay!

Click either of the images or here to go to the pinboard.

Come create with us – January

January create with usHello all. We hope you are itching to try out all those great artist supplies you got for Christmas so we are giving you a great excuse to do so 😉

This month’s prompt is “Fox”. Remember, you can do anything creative you want. Only sky is the limit.

Don’t forget to share on our Pinterest board or in the FB group.

Come draw with us – December

create with us decemberHello friends! Nini here with some new info about our “Come draw with us” corner.

Firstly – there’s a new topic (of course there is, it’s Decmber 🙂 – and it’s “Blankets”.

Secondly – we decided to spread out as far as we can and are now inviting you to CREATE with us, not only draw. We hope we’ll inspire you to participate more if you can be creative in your favourite media; knitting, crocheting, writing, drawing, painting, sculpturing, mixed media – do whatever makes your heart happy and then, then please share it with us. Link to your creation in the comments section and we shall pin your pieces to our group pinboard. It’s that simple 🙂 (or if you are able to, you can pin it yourself)

Tip: Think about the blankets and if there’s some special memory associated with them. Maybe you had one as a child and would love to recreate it in whatever media feels good to you. Maybe your pet has one and you can draw/paint both of them for us to see. Maybe there’s a blanket of fresh snow in your garden – let us see it through your eyes and fingers. Surprise us. Themes and topics are fun and challenging just because it’s so awsome to see how others interpret them.

And since all good things come in threes (or at least that’s what I’ve been told) there’s another thing we are thrilled to share with you – ATC card swaps. If you like making ATC cards (2,5 x 3,5 inches sized Artist Trading Cards) join our group on Facebook where we’ll partner you up with another ATC loving person and you’ll be able to make the swap. We shall use our monthly theme for ATCs as well.

You’ll have till 7th of each month to sign up for the swap and you should post your card to your partner by the end of the month. More info about the swaps will be given in the FB group.

So, we hope you like our novelties and that you already have ideas flying through your head. We sure do and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Wishing you a Happy and Creative December

nini and the rest of the team

Come draw with us – November

November already…and time for another drawing prompt.

You may have noticed how quiet this blog is – I’ve had a lot going on coupled with my usual ongoing health issues. My brain is full of ideas but sadly all I’ve been able to do with them is occasionally manage to remember to make a note of them. Maybe one day I’ll be able to build this site into the resource that I’d love it to be. Until then, keep an eagle eye on the pinboards and the monthly drawing prompt.

November draw logo Drawing: Flowers

  1. First, do a google image search for flowers. Choose three different kinds of flowers and draw them. If you have three different kinds of flowers in your home or garden, feel free to draw from real life and not a photo.
  2. Choose an art movement or artist who has a distinctive style. (For example; Cubism, Picasso, Van Gogh…) and choose one of your flower drawings to draw in that style.

That’s it. Practice your observational drawing by drawing three types of flower, then remind yourself of the style of a favourite artist or art movement and copy their/that style. 

Feel free to only draw flowers, or only draw a flower in an artistic style rather than doing both parts. Also: Please try to enjoy the process rather than getting hung up on the end result. We all need to try to cultivate a more playful attitude to creativity, and life in general where possible.

Google image search examples;

 Let me know how you get on with this in the comments, I’d love to know. Also, if you dont want to share your results thats fine, if you do the either,

  • Post your drawing on your blog/Flickr etc and leave a link in the comments
  • Upload your work to our group Pinterest board. Heres the link, contact me if you want to be added. (This board is just for responses to the monthly drawing prompt.)

The eCourse site ‘Craftsy’ have a Facebook group for drawing imspiration and I spotted this recently,Craftsy facebook screenshot

How about creating an abstract piece using flower motifs? Here’s mine, drawn after lots of flower sketching.

Flower burst

I caught a bit of a program on television about how art students are trained in Japan (at least I think it was Japan, feel free to correct me.) They painstakingly copy the work of master painters until they are experts in the techniques and methods used. This way they find their way to their own artistic voice.


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