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I know I’m slightly late (should have posted this yesterday) It’s that lovely time of year again, Imbolc….full of expectation and hope, (although I’m still wishing I could hibernate until April…) I hope that you are blessed with inspiration and enthusiasm as we head toward the Spring solstice. 

If you’re in the same hibernating mood as me this is an excellent time to catch up on some reading. Today’s weekly email from Brain Pickings resulted in me doing a search on the site for articles on creativity and this post is a way of both bookmarking the  search for myself and sharing it.


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Come create with us – January

January create with usHello all. We hope you are itching to try out all those great artist supplies you got for Christmas so we are giving you a great excuse to do so ๐Ÿ˜‰

This month’s prompt is “Fox”. Remember, you can do anything creative you want. Only sky is the limit.

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Come draw with us #2 – October

Hello October – guess what? It’s ‘Big Draw‘ month! Here’s what the site says today;

“The 2013 Big Draw runs from 1 October to 3 November in fifteen countries, with more than 200,000 people expected to take part. Hundreds of new and enjoyable drawing activities connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists – and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, and those who think they can’t.”

There are local events, an online community, Facebook weekly prompts…visit the main site for more information. I’ve just joined the Access Art community and will let you know what I think of it after I’ve spent some more time investigating it. Here are some of their ideas to help us to draw more.

The theme for 2013 is ‘Draw tomorrow’ and one of the prompts is to draw your future. What dreams do you have? What are your goals? You may be familiar with the idea of creating a dream or vision board to help you to focus on what things are really important to you right now. Do you want…

  • Your own art studio?
  • To start a blog?
  • To start an online shop?
  • To write a book?

Being pretty much welded to my iPad or iPhone I tend to start these kinds of projects by doing a Google image search and collecting images that appeal/speak to me. Then I create a rough montage. Of course the more able-bodied of you can do this with magazines and glue. There are lots of places online that can help you to narrow down your goals if you’re not sure where to begin. Try these;

To illustrate one dream or goal, we’ll use this prompt that I just stumbled upon at Access Art as a starting point. It is finger drawing with charcoal. You start out by;

“making charcoal palettes – we rubbed charcoal onto a spare sheet of paper until it was dense and black. This was our “palette”, and our tools were our hands (fingers, sides of hands, palms etc). Participants were asked to pair up, face each other, and to draw each other using only their hands. They “re-inked” their palette by rubbing more charcoal onto the paper. Participants were encouraged to really experiment both with their mark-making and tonal values.”

Come draw with us October

Here comes this month’s prompt…

  1. Choose three colours of pastel, the chalky kind and not oil pastels. Make a ‘palette’ using the method above.
  2. Use your created palette and your fingers/sides of hands to draw your goal/dream.
  3. Use a sharpie, (or other permanent marker), or an oil pastel to write your mantra/goal, over/under your drawing.

If you don’t have pastels handy, use charcoal. No charcoal either? Use paint…adapt whatever you have to be applied with your fingers and hands and not a brush.

The idea/goal behind these kinds of activities is to help to remove our fear of a drawing ‘not being good enough’. There are no mistakes in art, often the process of creating is far more important than any end result. Having a method that is far from precise loosens us up and helps us to be more intuitive.

I hope that something in this post inspires you to draw something with just your fingers as the mark making tools. If you dont want to share a dream board related image, that’s fine, draw something else with just fingers and pigment. Perhaps illustrate a quote that you love?

Please leave a link your art in the comments and/or share it on our group pinboard.

thanks for reading blue heart


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