Fox: be inspired

Nini has set this month’s creative prompt, which is ‘fox’. I have a vague idea about creating a celtic/pagan influenced bold design to perhaps make a printing plate from and so I’ve started collecting fox images. 

I find Pinterest the easiest way to collect images and links these days, (easier to keep a track of sources that way too, most of the time.) here’s the board so far,

Foxes pinboard

Pinboard about foxes

There’s a mix of photographs of real foxes and illustrations, but I’ve also included links to more information about the symbolism of foxes in various cultures.

Pins about foxes

Symbolism links are at the bottom of the board.

 Like Sandy said in the previous comments, I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Plus, because of the ATC swap, I know I’ll get two awesome little pieces of foxy art from Nini and Sandy. Yay!

Click either of the images or here to go to the pinboard.

Surf the #PaintSeptember hashtag

A quick post to let you know about one of the interesting art projects on twitter at the moment.

You may be familiar with the #draw365 project that started a few years ago? There have been various other similar group/community initiatives, alas I’ve tended to miss out on them because I’m not managing to be around online as much as i used to (or would like to be) last month there was #DrawAugust this month its #PaintSeptember.
#Draw365 was a pledge to try and draw, then share online, something every day. Many folks are on their second or third year of doing this – so the hashtag still has treasures to find. Search for one of these hashtags on Twitter and you’re guaranteed to be inspired by some wonderful artwork.

I’ve started a Pinboard with a selection of some of the paintings created this month, but I know that there must be loads that I’ve missed. Just use the search option of whatever Twitter client you use. Or even just type this into Google – “twitter #PaintSeptember” An image search using that works reasonably well too.
There was a suggestion today for #PrintOctober, gosh I’d love to be well enough to attempt that one…

Pinterest – Creativity board.

For more/different links visit the group Pinterest board here.
Don’t know what Pinterest is? It’s a visual way of collecting bookmarks, creating idea boards, planning a party…rather like an online scrapbook. You can ‘pin’ an image directly from the webpage that you found it, using a browser plugin/addon. Or you can browse and repin from other Pinterest users’ boards.
Here’s a small screenshot –


It’s a great way of collecting images online along with where they came from. For example if you’re working on a flower design, you’ll start by looking at and drawing flowers. Rather than just grabbing images from around the web and losing track of where you found them or who created them, the Pinterest tool grabs the URL as well as the image.

If you browse using your smartphone or tablet there are Pinterest apps too.
You can join using your Facebook or Twitter account or use your email address.

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