Making a book with one sheet of paper

I originally posted this to my blog, but figure it probably fits here better…

I have two activities to do that require list making/writing as part of the ecourse I’m currently doing. I remember the last time that I did a similar exercise I made a small book to write everything down in. Over the years I’ve made HUNDREDS of these things – small children love to create books. But I still wondered if I’d remember how to do it – between hands that shake and hurt and the fact that it’s probably over 7 years since I last made one. Well, my hands managed to make one and I recorded it.

I also finally finished my Wish Box. (Another ecourse activity)

A newsletter from SARK last year suggested making a ‘Joy box’ to keep happy thoughts in, that together with this recent activity set me to thinking about dream boards and goal setting and I had a surf around to see what’s out there. I created a Pinterest board and a treasury on Etsy about wish boxes.

screen shot etsy treasury

Make a wish…


The Nectar Collective

A mixed media project from –

The Nectar Collective was built under the vision that no matter where we are in life or on the planet, there is always time to be creative, to experience the world in new ways, and to grow as individuals.”

“Now that spring is starting, I wanted to invite the sunshine into my home with some happy looking art. Since washi tape is popular in Tokyo, where I live, I decided to use it in this super easy and cheap DIY art. It was seriously so easy and relaxing to make. I felt like I was meditating. Spruce up your dreary walls and add some rays of happy to your house.”

Lots of free downloads there as well. Click here.




Etsy blog – How to Tuesday

There’re lots of interesting and useful articles on Etsy – even if you have no desire to sell what you create there, or even buy handmade. (Though if you haven’t bought handmade – really, don’t think twice, it’s great.)

Their blog does a DIY post each Tuesday and this week’s is a feast of links to projects made from cardboard.

Cardboard Projects.




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