Cloth Paper Scissors…

Nope not a new art game, but a website and magazine for mixed media artists. I’d sort of assumed that everybody knows about it, but chatting with some art chums the other day I realised I was mistaken. So here’s a quick overview for anybody else unfamiliar with the site or magazine.

cps header

They have a shop, (and fairly regular sales and offers) that sells art stash as well as art tutorials, books, magazines, videos…the store is run by the company Interweave.

They have MASSES of freebies.

An active forum.

Regular creative challenges.

Community videos.

Loads of inspiring image galleries, from challenge entries to artist studios.

They have lots of useful newsletters, one of which rounds up some of the recent blog articles, which are usually tutorials. If you feel like being a guest blogger get in touch with them. One of the articles in today’s newsletter was a post from 2012 about altering old book covers to make your own books/journals.


Sign up for the newsletter here. 

This is this weekend’s offer in the shop, IW_LoveofCrafting-950x300

iPhoneography tutorial – using Camera+

To create a version of this photo (which i created for the August Break mentioned in the previous post.) with your iPhone, the stages are:
1 – Open the ‘Camera+’ app

2 – Click on the image icon at the bottom left of the screen.

3 – Tap the + symbol at the top right of the screen.

3 – Choose a photo.

4 – Tap ‘import’

5 – Tap ‘edit’.

6 – I wanted to increase the contrast before I added a coloured filter, to keep the diagonals as clear as possible, so the first filter I used was ‘clarity’ using the ‘scenes’ option from the menu/choices at the bottom of the screen.

**DO NOT tap ‘Done’ in the top right of the screen until you’ve finished editing.**
That will be your penultimate step.

7 – Because I would be sharing the image on Instagram I cropped it into a square using ‘crops’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

8 – Next, I chose a filter from the ‘FX effects’ option at the bottom of the screen.

20130804-100543.jpg You can choose how much of an effect you want by tapping ‘advanced’ (bottom right after you’ve tapped the filter/effect you want to try.)

Use the slider that appears at the bottom of the screen, then tap the tick/check mark at the top right of the screen when you’re happy with how effect you’ve added.

9 – Next tap the ‘borders’ menu option, bottom right.

I chose a frame/border from the ‘Styled’ set.

10 – NOW you can tap the ‘Done’ option at the top right of the screen. (Or whenever you’re happy with the effect you’ve created.)
11 – Choose the ‘save’ option.

12 – Go to your photos and decide how you want to share your creation by tapping the arrow coming out of a box at the bottom left of the screen.


That’s it, all done. Hope you have fun – let me know how you got on either in the comments (post a link) or tweet me on twitter. I’m @sand625
…and yes I really do need to edit/sort/delete stuff from my camera roll…

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