Surf the #PaintSeptember hashtag

A quick post to let you know about one of the interesting art projects on twitter at the moment.

You may be familiar with the #draw365 project that started a few years ago? There have been various other similar group/community initiatives, alas I’ve tended to miss out on them because I’m not managing to be around online as much as i used to (or would like to be) last month there was #DrawAugust this month its #PaintSeptember.
#Draw365 was a pledge to try and draw, then share online, something every day. Many folks are on their second or third year of doing this – so the hashtag still has treasures to find. Search for one of these hashtags on Twitter and you’re guaranteed to be inspired by some wonderful artwork.

I’ve started a Pinboard with a selection of some of the paintings created this month, but I know that there must be loads that I’ve missed. Just use the search option of whatever Twitter client you use. Or even just type this into Google – “twitter #PaintSeptember” An image search using that works reasonably well too.
There was a suggestion today for #PrintOctober, gosh I’d love to be well enough to attempt that one…

Nature Nourishes Creativity


So, ‘Nature Nourishes Creativity’.  You may be expecting some hippy dippy, tree hugging rant about nature, the planet and free love.  Not quite, but I am a person who believes strongly in Nature, Energy and Love.  I think that is an important part of what makes me truly open to creative inspiration.  Sorry, no free love here though – it’ll cost you reciprocation.  And chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whether you are a painter, writer or a crafter, you will have at some point been inspired to create by nature.  You may have seen a cute baby animal or a pretty looking tree.  You may even have seen a weird looking insect or a dark and thundery overcast sky.  As someone who enjoys all kinds of creativity, I just wanted to remind each of you that all you need to do when you’re feeling uninspired is to look out of the window or step out into the garden.  Recently I’ve been quite into painting landscapes and a great online inspiration for me has been @Earth_Pics on Twitter.  If you’re on there I recommend you check out their pictures – they’re beautiful.  The links below should take you to them on Twitter and Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

@Earth_pics on Twitter.

Earth pics on Instagram

If you also wish to follow me on Twitter, I’m @chubachups ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and much love x


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